Did you know...  every Sommer Sports Sprint Triathlon you complete affects your rankings in the Sprint Championship Series?

Here's how it works:

What races are in the "Series?"

The Championship Series is made up of 6 events:

  1. Florida Challenge Sprint (March)
  2. Central Florida Triathlon Series #1 (June)
  3. Central Florida Triathlon Series #2 (July)
  4. Central Florida Triathlon Series #3 (August)
  5. Central Florida Triathlon Series #4 (September)
  6. Great Floridian Sprint (October)


How do I score points?

You will be awarded series points after completing each event.  Points are calculated by dividing your finish time into your gender's Overall Winner's time - ie - Your gender winner's time is 1:00:00,  your time is 1:30:00.  You will be awarded 666 points (60 mins / 90 mins = .666).  


Who is eligible?  And what's in it for me?

You must complete at least 3 out of the 6 series events to qualify for series prizes/awards.  We will add your 3 highest scores together and at the conclusion of the series crown the top 3 overall male and female Series Champions, followed by the top 3 in each age group.  So what are you vying for besides bragging rights?  How about Championship Series specific awards?  Awesome products from our amazing sponsors?  Oh, and Race Credits for future Sommer Sports events, so you can keep your winning ways going!

Overall Champions Age Group Champions

  1. $200 Race Credit 1.  $75 Race Credit
  2. $150 Race Credit 2.  $50 Race Credit
  3. $100 Race Credit 3.  $25 Race Credit 


Cool!  How do I check my ranking?

Standings will be updated a week after each event and can viewed below:



I'm still confused or need/want to talk to someone! 

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to:   info@sommersports.com